Mid-Atlantic Kodiak

DOB: 1/15/2015
Height: 26"
Weight: 155 lbs
NABBA: 91.2% @ 15 months
DNA profiled


Groenberg Jaap

Mid Atlantic Luna

Parents: Groenberg Jaap 94% x Mid Atlantic Luna 93.8%

Mid Atlantic Kodiak is a young but promising male. He already has excellent confirmation and carries himself with great confidence. We usually don’t get that excited about a pup this young but Kodiak is an exception to the rule. He was appraised at an impressive 91.2% at only 15 months old with room to grow and mature. His first litter arrived in 2016 with great results.

Kodiak has strong natural protection instincts, good prey drive, very affectionate, and loves water. He moves well is a younger version of his father Jaap.

2 months old

3.5 months old

5 months old

9 months old

1 year old

Groenberg Jaap

DOB: 09/13/2009
Height: 27"
Weight: 160 lbs
NABBA: 94% @ 24 months/83% @ 12 months
EBBASA: 88.5% @ 22 months
Penn Hip L .31 R .30 (> 90th Percentile)
OFA Elbows Clear (preliminary)
DNA profiled

Entropion free, Ectropion free, hip dysplasia free, elbow displasia free, negative for Brucellosis.

Parents: Klein Sandfontein Benji 91.4% (stud register) x Middelpos Tessa II 90.3% (stud register)


Stud Registry….SABT Reg………PennHip…….OFA Elbows…Picture Pedigree
Jaap’s strong points are his excellent temperament, head, thick bone, chest, rear, health, and confirmation. He received perfect scores for his hindquarters, movement, temperament, health, pasterns, front legs, shoulders, body, neck, ears, and plateau. His impressive pedigree makes him that much more desirable. His father is Klein Sandfontein Benji 91.4% who was the 2010 SABT South African National Champion. Benji is one of the most impressive Boerboels around. Jaap’s mother Middelpos Tessa II 90.3% is just as impressive in her own right. Benji and Tessa came together to produce one incredible litter. Jaap’s litter mates include Groenberg Shimi, Groenberg Olivia, and Groenberg Tessa who was the Reserve National Junior Champion at the 2010 Boerboel National Championships.

2015-#6 ranked worldwide on the active SABBS Stud Register List

2013 NABBA Grand Champion and Senior Grand Champion Male
2011 SABT Stud Registry 5th ranked male in the world
2011 SABT 3rd ranked male in North America
2011 Washington, DC EBBASA appraisal highest scoring male

4 years old

5 years old

July 2016

Parents: Klein Sandfontein Benji 91.4% (stud register) x Middelpos Tessa II 90.3% (stud register)

Mid-Atlantic Luna

DOB: 11/30/2011
Height: 26"
Weight: 135 lbs
NABBA: 93.8% @ 22 months old
DNA profiled
PennHip .55/.55 (50th percentile)
OFA Elbows 2/2 (prelim)

NABBA Registration

Groenberg Jaap 94%

Spitsvuur Shaka 85.6%

Parents: Groenberg Jaap 94% (stud register) X Spitsvuur Shaka 85.6%
Luna is everything we envisioned and more with the Jaap x Shaka litter. She has the mask, angulation, and correctness of her mother and the head, bone, chest, hindquarters, and mass of her father. She is an alpha female and has a good temperament. She is a serious girl, leary of strangers, yet very affectionate with us. She achieved an appraisal score of 87.7% when she was just under 11 months old and was recently re-appraised at 93.8%. As far as the females go, she has been our favorite since day one.

17 weeks old