Who We Are

Having went through every emotion pursuing these dogs we ultimately fell in love with the Boerboel when we were starting our family. That love transcended anything we have known as we watched our sons grow up with the Boerboels simultaneously as a companion and natural family protector.

This translated into endless research and conversations with some of the most wonderful people on the planet who share the same enthusiasm and love we do surrounding all things Boerboel and some of the worst people that robbed us blind that are destroying the breed.

As a result

The calling to implement a personal breeding program that consists of some of the most recognized champions in the world.

  • Alliances have been forged.
  • The name World Class Boerboels was incorporated.
  • Now we are the antithesis to these cliques involved in the destruction of our beloved dogs.

All Facts

  • All of our Boerboels are bred with love, commitment and integrity.
  • All We strive to recreate and represent are greatest Boerboels that have ever lived.

Nelia Citrine