Boerboel is a lifestyle

“Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement”

We are a small family oriented South African Boerboel Kennel licensed with local municipalities and focused on Natural Protection, Confirmation, Health and Temperament.

We provide 834.8413 linear feet of fence to secure the farm we raise our Children, Livestock and Boerboels.

Individual 400 square foot living areas, a 1,600 square foot run and 1/4 acre training area awards our dogs the option to seldom see crates even after working 10 acres.

Please reach out to tour the farm.

Each of our Boerboels have their own personalities and position on the farm. Remember “boerboel” translates  loosely as “farmer’s-dog”.

We are working to introduce therapy, and service work to the reputation of these powerful and proven Guard Dogs as a token of our appreciation to all the veterans.

Respectfully Affiliated with:

AKC/ABC (American Kennel Clud/ American Boerboel Club)
NABBA ( North American Breeders’ Association)
SABBS (South African Boerboel Breeders’ Society)

When it comes to puppies: One or two breedings a year if that is all you can expect. We have been fortunate to produce that which we need to protect our family and farms however when the interest and need arises a planned breeding is put on the calendar.

The landscaping within the boerboel realm is so convoluted we would insist that you:

1. Ask whether the breeder you are considering is a licensed kennel within State/local municipalities and provide proof of such.

2. Go to where the dog you are buying is located MORE THAN ONCE and witness the kennel. Experience the conditions for yourself.


3. Have the breeder provide a Certified health certificate from state authorized personnel because as Randy said,” You wouldn’t buy a new car without some sort of warranty!”

4. Get a guarantee in writing YOUR lawyer vouches for.

These are not exhaustive precautions but By indulging in these steps as a buyer of our beloved breed we pray you will save you and your family the heartache and financial turmoil it can cause when buying Boerboels goes wrong.

Call 608-620-9400 for more details.